Finally, a fidget you can actually use everyday

This is a brand new invention just getting out now that I created for all ages to enjoy and use daily.

As a teacher of 22 years I know how important Magnetdabbles can be for ADHD and anyone who can appreciate fidgets, safe encased super-strong magnets, high-qualilty minimal smear dual-tip gel pens.

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Journal, Write, Draw, Click, Flip, Flick, Spin, Build, Do Cool Tricks/Stunts And So Much More - See for yourself in video below

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What will you do with Magnetdabbles?

Magnetdabbles are embedded with two super-strong neodymium magnets that allow them to stick to each other and other metallic surfaces.

A multi-functional purposeful fidget

Yes, even just two Magnetdabbles can take the place of all this plus more.

Magnetdabbles work great on your refrigerator for that shoping/to do list. Strong magnets to display artwork.

You will always know where your pens are.

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We hit the Fairs hard this summer

Thank you for all who stopped at our booths, especially at the Wisconsin State Fair in our first summer out with our brand new invention - Magnetdabbles

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